Travis Quoted by Congressional Quarterly

In their most recent edition of “Guide: How to Get What You Want Out of Congress,” CQ Roll Call, drawing on the expertise of political practitioners and Capitol Hill staff members, quoted Travis at length. CQ Roll Call is one of the nation’s leading Congressional news and analysis organizations, providing readers with valuable insight into the legislative and political process.

Guide Cover: CQ Roll CallTravis was quoted in the Know the Audience section of the Guide, advising constituents involved in grassroots advocacy to contact their own member of Congress, rather than blanketing all 535 Members. Travis’ expertise in the area comes from his time managing the mail program in a Congressional office, an experience that has informed how he advises grassroots advocacy clients as a consultant.

“Being a part of CQ’s grassroots guide is meaningful to me because contacting Congress is such an important role our citizenry can play in the process,” Travis said. “To make democracy work, it has to be participatory. Citizens must get involved in the process, or the process will flounder.”

The Ultimate Guide to Getting Congress to Listen is available for free download from CQ Roll Call here.