2014 Midterms a Success for Travis

In last night’s historic Republican sweep, Travis had a successful night as well. Consulting for 22 races in five states, Travis’ clients won 17 of the 22 while losing only three. Two of his Louisiana campaigns are headed for a December runoff.

“It was a great night for Republicans, for Innovative, and for me,” Travis said as the results showed tremendous gains for the GOP across the nation. “But the fun’s not over yet!”

Innovative Advertising, LLC, where Travis works as a Political Account Coordinator, had an impressive record in yesterday’s election as well. With some of the agency’s races still in flux, the People Who Think appear to have won more than 35 races, while coming up short in only two.

Travis specializes in state and local campaigns, and that is reflected in his record from last night. His record in state and local elections last night was 15-1 with one heading to a runoff.

State and local campaigns include races for governor, state offices, state legislatures, and more local races such as district attorney and mayoral.

“Smaller races are more enjoyable,” Travis said. “Candidates for these offices have an opportunity to have a greater impact on their community. As a consultant, I enjoy these races because the candidates are usually fresh faces with a genuine passion for service.”

Consulting on state and local races also drove Travis’ research on his Master’s Thesis at the Graduate School of Political Management at the George Washington University in DC. His thesis examined the use of nationalization – invoking a national theme – in local elections.

“The work for us doesn’t end now, though. We have two runoffs to win in December and a whole year of state elections in 2015,” Travis concluded with a gleeful smirk.