Teaching Mission Statement: To prepare students for advanced educational attainment, current and future careers, and a lifetime of service to others by creating an enjoyable and engaging classroom environment that places emphases on the development of critical thinking, the refining of serviceable skills, and the practice of inclusivity.

Dr. Taylor is passionate about teaching. His goal as a teacher is to prepare students for a lifetime of success by teaching them to be critical thinkers, problem-solvers, and effective communicators, and to encourage them toward a life of engagement in their community and service to others. To that end, Dr. Taylor employs team-based learning, a pedagogical approach in which students engage with course material in an active way to build teamwork skills, critical thinking, effective communication, and real-world problem-solving. His teaching evaluations are routinely high, and the qualitative comments demonstrate that students both enjoy and are challenged by his courses. You can download his teaching philosophy here.

Dr. Taylor currently has the following courses prepared: American Government (undergraduate), Introduction to Law and Courts (undergraduate), Judicial Politics (upper-level undergraduate), and Political Campaign Management (upper-level undergraduate or graduate). Additionally, he has aided in the design and teaching of Political Campaigns and Elections (upper-level undergraduate). He is further qualified to offer a variety of additional courses in American Politics, Public Policy, and Public Administration.

You can view syllabi and course evaluations for Dr. Taylor’s previously taught courses here.